About Us


Founded in 1998 the ITHR Group of companies is one of the UK’s pre-eminent independent technology human capital and application software consultancies. With almost four decades of combined successful trading we are THE preferred technology partner to some of the world’s largest corporations.

In the 21st Century, both corporate and consumer worlds rely on nothing so much as technology.  Global commerce and the corporate holy grail of “competitive advantage” is founded on technology - technology that supports innovation, growth and competitive edge. All companies, from global giants to local SMEs, need a partner for talent and innovation they can rely on and trust.

The ITHR Group, with decades of building lasting client relationships, is in the business of talent. From our founding as a dedicated IT recruitment agency to our niche market providers specialising in SAP, Telecoms and Digital/Media, we understand talent. From our dedicated onshore software development centre in London (ITHR Consulting) to our work with some of the world’s largest companies on application product development (nToklo), we know technology.

From building and providing leading edge e-commerce apps and internal systems to some of Europe’s largest providers of aggregated content, to assembling the finest talent in the IT industry for some of the world’s biggest names, ITHR Group delivers like no-one else can.

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