ITHR launches the Swan IT Academy

Newly launched in 2017 the Swan IT Academy is a bespoke training scheme delivered by our Head of brand for Europe, Anna. Combining classroom based learning with desk coaching and e-learning, the programme sets those who are new to recruitment up for success from the first week. 

 So why choose us?

-unlike other training programmes, we keep our intakes to now more than 5 people at a time. This ensures you have either 121 or 221 training throughout the duration of the academy (3 months). 

-tried and tested methods: having a background in training, mentoring and developing teams, Anna knows how to get the best out of her consultants and how to tailor each session as best she can to suit each new consultant. 

-it's intense but it works: our resource consultants from intake 1 have all agreed the training is tough, but it gives you essential key skills to be successful within the sector. 

“The knowledge I acquired during my training was crucial for the development of my career in recruitment”- Carlos.

What does the training look like week by week? 

Week 1- 100% training (121 or 221) focused on recruitment basics and candidates. 
Topics including: 

-The Project World 

-IT Terminology 

-Intro to ERP, SAP and Oracle 

-The Recruitment Lifecycle 

-Project Hierarchy (who’s who in the project) 

-Boolean Searching 

-Interview Prep and Closing Techniques

-Lead and Referral Generation 

Week 2- Lots of role plays (everyday) with Anna to build confidence and working on the sales floor alongside senior consultants on live requirements.

Mini tasks to build your network on LinkedIn- SAP FI candidates, SAP Logistics etc

 Week 3- E-learning and more training via role plays to hone your skills. Speaking to candidates to cement knowledge- handling objections, closing them for existing vacancies, getting referrals. Practice, practice, practice. 

Week 4- Purely sales focused- more bite sized sessions either in the morning or afternoon.

Topics including: 

-Structure of a sales call

-Client Mapping

-Sales Funnel

-Qualifying a Project Role 

-Cold Calling 

-Handling Client Objections 

During your 2nd month in the Academy there will be a continual focus on role plays- practicing and refining your sales pitch and getting confident speaking to both clients and candidates over the phone.

Month 3- you should start to see some return on all your hard work with assisted placements and your own interviews starting to build up.

What if I don't have a recruitment or sales background, can I still be part of the Academy? 

Of course! It's much more about personality and motivations for us. If you can articulate why you want to work in recruitment and why you would be a good consultant then that's all we ask. You will need to research the role so you fully understand what you are getting yourself in to, but the Academy works for just about anyone. 

 “Although I didn’t have any experience in recruitment, the academy has empowered me to deliver my services with great confidence, professionalism and quality to our clients and candidates…I totally encourage those considering recruitment to be part of the Academy and take a full advantage of the training  and support provided by Anna”- Carlos.

But don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our Resource Consultants from intake 1 say: 

“The training is interactive, informative and easy to follow; Anna understood that all the information provided can be overwhelming sometimes, so she really took the her time to elaborate points that needed more explanation”- Isabelle. 

“Anna is a very good trainer, very attentive and always professional. The training is very instructive and Anna is always on hand to help us on a daily basis, which is very important to those who are beginning their career in recruitment. I love the challenges you face in the role and this opportunity is made for people who love challenges”- Charline.

 Think you've got what it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant? Then join us. Get in touch for details of the next academy intake.